Solar Panels

Peak Roofing in Mansfield can install your solar panels expertly and efficiently to get your new energy source up and running as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Commercial and Domestic Solar Panel Installers

No matter what size the solar panel installation, or the location, Peak Roofing can undertake to fit your solar PV panels. Working with solar energy suppliers, Peak Roof have several years experience in the fitting of solar panel systems. Whether you are the end user of the system or a supplier, a reliable and skilled installer is a vital link in the fitting of solar panels. The integrity of the roof the system is attached to must be preserved, as well as the safe fitting of the panels and associated pipework.

We will complete a thorough site inspection prior to beginning work to ensure that the building is suitable and well prepared for the installation. This also eliminates as much ‘down time’ as possible, as the workforce is prepared with the right equipment, fittings and accessories for the particular job in hand.


Safe Solar Panel Installation


A properly installed solar PV system will give many years of trouble free service. However, if the solar panels are incorrectly installed, then not only will the system perform inefficiently, defeating the object of the exercise, but the roof and property could become damaged. This physical damage to the building could occur during the installation process, by inexperienced or careless workers, or over time as harsh weather, wind, rain and frost take their toll and inflict damage over the years. The cost of repairs could far outweigh the energy savings the user might have been enjoying.

Therefore it makes good sense to employ a company of good reputation and with experience in fitting solar panels such as Peak Roofing.

If you would like more information on the installation of solar panels, call FREEPHONE: 01623706570 or send and enquiry via the email form on this page and a representative will be in touch shortly.

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