Felt Roofing – a great all round solution for your flat roof

Felt Roofing is the traditional roofing material for a flat roof. It is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about flat roofs, and still the most popular. There are many alternatives to felt such as Rubber Roofing and GRP Fibreglass Roofing, though a felt roof can still be the best choice for many situations.

This roofing system has been tried and tested for many years, and has been constantly developed an improved, making it still a very viable flat roofing system. Improvements have been made in both durability and flexibility, and it is also available in many different coloured mineral finishes giving it both practical and aesthetic qualities.

20 year Guarantee on all Felt Roofing Installations

At Peak Roofs we only use the very best Chesterfelt roofing materials, and our installations are carried out to a very high standard. We are happy to offer a 20 year guarantee with all our felt roofing work, although we fully expect a roof we install to last anything up to 30 years. This is because we ensure all the work we carry out and the surrounding areas are up to scratch and carry out any repairs necessary that may damage the integrity of the roof.

Why choose a Felt Roof?


There are lots of advantages to having a felt roof:

  • Lifespan – advancements in the materials and the quality of our workmanship mean that a properly installed felt roof may have a lifespan of up to 30 years.
  • Price – Felt Roofing is still one of the most affordable roofing systems due to the availability of materials and ease of installation.
  • Durability – due to it’s flexible nature, and the mineral coating’s resistance to U.V. damage by the sun a felt roof will retain it’s effectiveness and looks for many years.
  • Maintenance – a felt roof is easy to repair. Also, any repairs are easy to blend in and do not affect the longevity or durability of the roof.

If you are thinking of a replacement flat roof, the a felt roofing system may be the ideal choice for you. Why not call us at Peak Roofs for a free no obligation quotation and impartial advice to ensure you purchase the correct system for your property.

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