Building Work

In addition to roofing repairs and installations of varying types, Peak Roofing in Mansfield also provide building work in relation to roofing. It is important that anyone working on a roof has the knowledge and skills to recognise other problems and areas that need attention, and be able to fix the problems to the required standard. With many years of experience in the roofing industry Peak Roofing have been able to develop diagnostic skills and know from thorough site inspections what to look out for, and how to repair problems that become apparent.

Building Work - Joinery in Mansfield

Joinery is a major part of installing a new roof, and an experienced joiner can spot problems and rectify them whilst work is ongoing. Some buildings do need a completely new roof, including rafters etc. due to rot or weather damage. Peak Roofing have completed many such projects and can supply this vital building work where necessary.


Dry Verge Systems


A dry verge system protects the eves of a building from the weather and animal ingress (birds etc). A dry verge is a relatively inexpensive way of adding vital protection to your property and also updating the look of the building.

Warm Roof Systems, Velux Windows and Skylights in Mansfield

If you are considering extending your property by turning your loft into an extra room, then you will need some form of natural lighting. Peak Roofing can install a wide variety of windows into the roof of your property safely and professionally.

Warm Roof systems, velux windows and skylights

Lead Work

Many older buildings still feature lead sealing in their roofs. Unfortunately lead is still a target for thieves and many older buildings are stripped of their lead, or the lead is damaged by animals or vandals. Peak Roofing can repair or your replace your leadwork, restoring your building to it’s former glory, and maintain the roof to ensure you don’t encounter any problems later on.

Chimney and Flue Building Work in Mansfield

Installing a replacement roof on a property often uncovers problems with chimneys and flues that cannot be ignored. Other work such as fire and heating maintenance also uncovers problems with chimneys. Peak Roofing are experienced in repairing problems with chimneys and flues, after many years of experience in having to learn the skills to perform this vital building work, and currently undertake many projects that are not roof related as they have a reputation in the trade for being able to repair problems swiftly and professionally, assisting plumbers and builders in the Mansfield area and beyond.


Repointing Brickwork


Over time weather and animals can damage the mortar between bricks, not only affecting roofs, but also walls, especially under the eaves, chimneys and areas above doors and windows. This deterioration makes a building unstable and loose bricks are dangerous and can cause a great deal of damage, whichever way they fall. Peak Roofing can diagnose and repair your pointing. If you notice any gaps in the brickwork of your property, or cracks in the mortar and loose bricks then it is wise to call a builder such as Peak Roofing to repair the damage as soon as possible, as your building could suffer from long term problems such as damp, or become more severely damaged in bad weather and storms. Moisture will increase the damage as it expands in winter and forces more and more gaps in the wall, until eventually the whole structure becomes unstable. If you require any further information, or you believe your brickwork needs attention please call Peak Roofing as soon as possible.

Building services in Mansfield

If you require information on any of the above building services then call Peak roofing on FREEPHONE: 01623706570 or you can use the contact form on this page to email your requirements or questions and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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