Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning is an effective way to both improve the look of your house or commercial property and protect your building from the elements.

In the Roof Cleaning process all the moss, lichen and debris that gathers over the years, and is the major cause of the damage, is removed by Peak Roofing’s professional and friendly roof cleaners. Most of the damage is caused when the water laden plants grow into gaps and cracks in the roof, then expand when frozen.

Once the roof has been thoroughly cleaned, any damage is repaired and then the roof is treated with an anti-fungicidal solution to prevent any regrowth.

A waterproof thermal coating is then applied to further protect the roof and give it a glossy shine so it looks brand new. This thermal coating also improves heat retention in the building below as it acts as an extra insulating layer. This extra insulation will help save money on heating bills.


Safe Roof Cleaning Process

Peak Roofing only use safe roof cleaning methods. By using low pressure washers no damage is caused to the roof. Most roof cleaners use high pressure hoses that remove shingles and cause as much damage as they are repairing. By using special equipment – less that 60psi as opposed to the 300psi+ that most roof cleaners use, the roof is cleaned effectively and without causing any extra damage or problems.

Lasting protection after you roof has been cleaned

The coating is a self cleaning compound, so after application your home will retain its great new look for several years with out the need for any extra work or maintenance. The roof cleaning process will protect and enhance all roof types including slate, clay and concrete tiles.

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