Quality Roofing for Your Replacement Conservatory Roof

If you’re in need of a replacement conservatory roof, then you may consider Fibreglass as a new conservatory roof. Fibreglass roofing is a durable and modern roofing solution for any conservatory. It has far more superior benefits than traditional conservatory roofing does and the main advantages span from the fact that each profile of the roof is ultra-light in weight. The material itself weighs just one seventh of that of traditional roofing material. Its strength and durability makes it just as secure as well.

A conservatory is a great way to get a clear view of your garden and enjoy the sunshine outside. However having a glass roof on a conservatory can cause some issues anticipated. The main problem being that it is very complicated getting onto a roof in order to clean the glass when it gets dirty. Most of all with ever increasing utility bills, loss of heat through poor insulation may be something a replacement conservatory roof could help prevent.

With all the benefits that come with it is no surprise that Fibreglass Roofs have been installed on conservatories all over the country in recent times. When people have been looking for a different type of conservatory roof they have immediately turned to this material as the perfect one to use for the job.

Where traditional conservatories are known for being a summertime area to sit and enjoy the sunshine, the insulation given by traditional roofing solutions to outbuildings has been poor, and has sent a lot of conservatory owner’s utility bills into an upwards spiral, which hasn’t been helped by the souring costs of energy. Most conservatory roofs consist of foundations and framing that is simply not strong enough to incorporate a new slate or clay roof. Whereas with a Fibreglass Roof, weight is not an issue and a new roof can be installed without damaging the existing structure.

Other Benefits of a Replacement Conservatory Roof Made from Fibreglass

Reduced Noise

  • The weather in the UK has always had its effects on all types of roofing. But there is one particular condition that causes a big issue in respect to conservatory roofs – and that is the rain. Most of us have probably experienced being sat inside a conservatory whilst it is raining heavily and the noise levels dramatically increase. A Fibreglass system reduces the noise that to know that the insulation used when installing our roofing greatly reduces this noise.

You can use Your Conservatory Roof All Year Round

  • You can use a conservatory with a Fibreglass roof all year round so you will be able to use it whether rain or shine. A roof made from this kind of material would allow you to keep your home insulated better whatever the weather.

So all in all there are many reasons why you may choose to have a replacement conservatory roof made from Fibreglass. Why not give us a call today at Peak Roofing for your Free No Quibble Quotation. We provide quality roofing solutions in and around Mansfield.

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