Metal Roofing and Corrugated Roofing

Metal roofing is one of the more commonly used materials in the construction of industrial and commercial buildings. These buildings can range from agricultural and farm buildings to factory units, leisure centres and schools.

Peak Roofing in Mansfield are experienced not only in the fitting of new or replacement roofs, but also in the maintenance and upkeep of metal roofs. By thoroughly inspecting the site before work commences, any metal roof repairs carried out will be economical, only repairing what is necessary, and also any unseen preventative work can be carried out preventing further, more expensive roof repairs later on.

This routine maintenance of metal and corrugated roofing includes

  • Painting
  • Replacing damaged panels
  • repairing metal roof panels as necessary
  • Maintenance to surrounding structure

Asbestos Roof Removal

One of the more common reasons for installing a metal roof is the replacement of old asbestos roofing. We are happy to remove asbestos roofing safely and replace it with an economical metal roof that will last for many trouble free years without damaging the environment or people in the area. Asbestos roof removal is obviously a specialised job and we recommend that you do not attempt any removal or maintenance yourself if you have an asbestos roof. If you are in any doubt as to what material your roof is made from please call Peak Roofing for a free inspection.

Peak  Roofing have trained staff to carry out the necessary work professionally, ensuring that you receive the very best service without great expense.

If you require any maintenance on any industrial roofing or need a quotation on replacing or installing a new metal roof please send an email via the form on this page or call FREEPHONE: 01623706570 for professional advice and free no obligation quotations.

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