Warm Roof Systems

warm roof is a relatively modern roofing system that not only insulates, as the name suggests, but maximises the interior space of the roof. It is a much thinner roofing system than more traditional installations, but highly efficient in retaining internal heat making it ideal for loft conversions and dorma buildings.

A warm roof uses insulation above and between rafters. A breathable waterproof membrane covers the inside of the roof, keeping the insulation dry and free from condensation. As there is no need to ventilate the space where the insulation is placed, the skin of the roof can be made narrower, thus increasing internal capacity.

Popular on new builds, the warm roof system can easily be installed on an existing property to both insulate the building, making it more energy efficient and cheaper to run, and it is a sensible choice when replacing your roof to go for this system, even if space in not an issue. Of course, you can always take advantage of the increased space at a later date.


Velux Windows and Skylights


Peak Roofing can also install Velux windows and skylights in your loft as part of your building work. Even if you are not turning the loft into a room, a warm roof and skylight will make it a warmer, brighter place and it will be ready for later conversion.

Peak Roofing in Mansfield can install a warm roof system on your property hassle free and inexpensively, making your home larger and cheaper to run.

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